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Fly Reels

Fly-fishing requires special equipment and accessories for a fisherman to have a fully experience and satisfaction.

Fishingurus.com has a wide inventory of fly-fishing equipment and accessories, available in store and online. The line and the rods are not the only things important when you are planning your fly-fishing trip.  Having a good reel to fit this type of fishing is a main request if you want it to be a success.

Our fly-fishing department has several types of fly reels available. We use different brands, ones that you already know and like and some that are newer but they have quality products at low prices, such the ECHO Ion reels.

The new ECHO Ion reels are the best reels in the sub $100 category that an angler interested in fly-fishing can buy. Made from cast aluminum and then machined to provide the benefits of a machined bar stock reel without the high price associated with “fully” machined reels, all ECHO die cast reels are collated with an impact resistant matte black finish to provide the best looking, long lasting finish.

Four sizes to fit any rod, starting with the 4/5 and the 6/7 for smaller rod applications and finishing with the 8/10 and 10/12 that will hold the largest single hand or two-handed lines with plenty of backing.

If you are interested in buying a fly reel and all the other equipment especially made for fly-fishing, fishingurus.com is the place to stop and get everything on that fly-fishing list. You will save time by shopping for everything in the same place, and money while buying tot quality products at fair prices.

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