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The trolling rods are used to troll many types of fish like bass, walleye, and crappie, salmon and even salt-water species like tuna or sailfish. The trolling rod, and the trolling technique gives anglers the possibility of covering a lot of water faster, looking for fish that are suspended in deep waters and feeding.

Like any other rod, the trolling rod needs to match the real to be effective. With a huge diversity of trolling reels and rods, this can be quite a hassle, especially for beginners. But having the top quality gear will make any type of fishing more enjoyable and more productive.

There are three major types of trolling rods, based on their design: standard eyes, roller-guides and inner-flow. Choosing the right type of trolling rod also depends on the species of fish you will pursue.

Fishingurus.com is selling a wide variety of trolling rods, in store and online. At fishingurus.com you will also find all the matching gear and all the fishing equipment you need for your next trolling adventure.

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