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This is the perfect rod for beginners! Spinning rods are easier to use than any other type of rods, and learning how to use it and cast with it, can be done with no hassle and in the shortest amount of time, so you won’t need to spend days on the lake bank until you learn how to cast properly.

Although it’s the perfect rod for a beginner, the spinning rod can be fun and efficient for an experienced angler too. Spinner rods are becoming more popular every year, even among the best bass fishermen.

The innovations in the industry and the top-quality products on the market, help fishing get to another level. And as the number and type of baits increases, fishermen start having more fun and experiencing with gear and equipment.

Fishingurus.com offers a huge variety of spinning rods, in store and online. If you are a beginner and want to start fishing soon, this is the rod for you. If you need guidance and assistance in finding the perfect spinning rod for you, feel free to address all your questions to one of our shop experts. If you want to read real stories and testimonials and learn a few tricks on how to use the spinning rod, you can access our online forum, on fishingurus.com and talk to our pro anglers.


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