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Multi - Piece

Travel rods are made to save space but also be effective in any type of fishing you want to practice. In the last couple of years, manufacturers changed the way anglers used to think about multi-piece rods, and today, fly fishing anglers as well as casting and spin rod anglers can enjoy the advantages of the multi-piece rods.

The multi-piece rods that you can find at fishingurus.com are guaranteed against breakage on the same level as a one piece is, and in some cases, the weight and the sensitivity are even better for the travel rods than for the regular ones.

When you are traveling to fishing destinations, even if it’s by car or by plane, you will be glad you chose a multi-piece rod instead of a one-piece. The weight restrictions on planes or the space in your trunk can force you to choose a multi-piece rod. Which is not a bad thing at all, since these travel rods are space savers, cost effective and easy to carry, each having a proper case that is easy to grab and handle around or taken as a carry on luggage on the plane.

Fishingurus.com has several types and brands of multi-piece rods that will make your traveling to fishing destinations, more comfortable, eliminating extra costs without affecting the quality and productivity of your fishing.

Before you get on board towards your new fishing destination, visit fishingurus.com or stop by the store and get one of the multi-piece travel rods. We guarantee you won’t be sorry!

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