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Drift - Float

Drift-float rods are used for fishing a float, a technique that requires special movements. The only way to master the technique of fishing a float is by using a long rod, or so-called float rod.

Selecting a float rod it’s not so difficult. You need to figure out how and where are you going to use it, so you know exactly if you need a longer rod or a shorter one. The shorter version of the float rod is more versatile and can be used in other techniques too, not only in running floats. The longer ones will give you more confidence in controlling the float. The extra long float rods (15 feet or longer) have a greater float control and they are efficient when fishing floats in deep waters.

Fishingurus.com has a wide range of drift-float reels, available in store and online. Besides the impressive inventory of rods, fishingurus.com has matching reels and all the necessary fishing gear, to be all set up for the next fishing adventure.

If you need more info, tips or you want to learn new tricks when fishing a float, you can access our online forum and talk to experienced anglers. They have amazing stories to share with you and you will always learn something new from a pro!


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