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Baitcasting rods are one of the two dominant types of fishing rods. When choosing a baitcasting rod, anglers need to match it with the type of reel, the fishing technique they will use and the fish species they are interested in catching.

If you aim for larger species, the baitcasting rod is the one you will go for.

The design of the baitcasting rod is not simple but neither complicated. This particular rod has the reel on top, above a trigger grip. This is very effective in increasing the angler’s ability to control the rod when casting or fish fighting, even with wet hands.

Fishingurus.com is the best place to go shopping for a baitcasting rod. Several brands, sizes and types, in the same place, will make it easier for you to find the perfect one in the shortest amount of time. Once you decide what kind of reel you want, you can start looking for a rod that matches the reel.

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