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Trolling reels are really efficient when they are matched with the right rod, so choosing the right one can be hard if you over-look the important facts that make it work properly. One of them is the gear ratio. The best ones have the gear ration anywhere from 5.1 to 1.  The smooth drag is another factor that needs your attention in choosing the perfect trolling reel for the gear you have. The smooth drag will give you the ability to hold on to the fish easier, instead of losing it.

The clicker is also an important part of the reel as it is the one part that will let you know when and if a fish is pulling the line. It’s not mandatory to have a clicker on your reel, but it can prove really helpful in some situations. The line counter will also help you. Knowing how much line you have out can be the detail that makes the difference. You can choose a reel that has a built-in line counter, or you can buy a separate one and attach it to the rod.  Line capacity is another factor anglers should consider when purchasing a trolling reel.

Fishingurus.com has a vast stock of trolling reels available in store and online. If you need help in finding the best for you, please address to one of our shop assistants in the reel department. They are able to give you guidance in finding the trolling reel that meets all your fishing needs.

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