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Spinning reels are on the top of the list when it comes to light-line application and finesse technique, especially when catching small-mouth bass or walleye.

This type of reel is very easy to use and any angler will handle it properly, even the beginner. Even so, choosing the right spinning reel, especially when you just started fishing, can be a real challenge if you don’t know what exactly to look for.

Reel body or housing is an important feature to look at. And with different material used, spinning reels can have different weights. Choosing the right one really depends on how you can handle that weight. If you feel more comfortable using a lighter reel, get a lighter one. If the weight will not be an issue, than you can choose one that is heavier and made from a stronger material. Your options are usually graphite or aluminum, and sometimes a combination of these two. Choosing the right size of the reel has everything to do with the type of fishing line you intend to use. If you will use a light line, then you need a smaller size reel.  Another important aspect to consider when choosing the right reel is the drag system. Spinning reels have either front or rear drag system. This shows you the location of the drag controls but there are also some other differences included. The rear ones have an easier access but they are not very good when you have to deal with a large fish.

No matter what type, size or kind of reel you are interested in, fishingurus.com has them all under the same roof and you can choose the one you like the most in just a few minutes, with help form our experienced anglers or shop assistants. With fishingurus.com, choosing the right reel for you won’t be a challenge at all; it will be fun, easy and will save you time and money.

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