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Push Button

Pus button reels are a great type of reels for beginners. If you are new to fishing, this is the reel you will need., because it’s the simplest to use. The push-button makes casting really easy; you don’t need experience or a lot of practice to do it right with this type of reel.

Even if it’s the best reel for beginners, experienced anglers use the push button as well. It’s durable and can be used the whole year, for several freshwater or saltwater species.

The puss button reels are available in three sizes, depending on the weight of the pre-spooned line. Fishingurus.com has a wide range of sizes, from light to medium and heavy-duty push button reels from different well-known manufacturers.

All the push button reels that we have available in store and online are top quality, made of high-end materials, have been field-tested for performance and durability and have amazing prices.

If you need more info regarding our line of push button reels, please address to one of our shop assistants or access the online forum to talk to our experienced clients and anglers. They will be able to share real stories and help you learn new tricks in using the right push button reel with all the matching gear. With fishingurus.com your fishing adventure will be a great one!

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