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Bait Runner

Bait Runner

If you have ever lost a rod because a fish ripped it out of the rod holder then this reels for you! Baitrunner reels, when used correctly, completely eliminate the chance of a rod overboard scenario.

How It Works

With a baitrunner reel, the big advantage is the fact that it has two different drag settings, one for while you're bait is in the water and one for fighting the fish. The baitrunner drag will be set just tight enough so that when a fish hits your bait the reel releases line without dragging your rod and reel in the lake. With the turn of the handle it will disengage and switch to the fighting drag that will be set much harder than the baitrunner.

FishinGurus.com stocks many different types of baitrunners in-store and on-line so if you don't see what you're looking for please give us a call. We offer you the same great service that were known for here in the Chicagoland area right over the phone.

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