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Monofilament fishing line has been around for many years and is probably the most popular type of line available today. It works for a wide variety of fishing applications and can be made to have specific qualities that help the Angler under varying fishing conditions.

How Is It Made

A mixture of polymers are heated until they're in a fluid state and then extruded through tiny holes to form strands of line. The size of the hole controls the diameter of the line and  to some extent the strength of the line. These strands are cooled quickly and then wound onto spools. The types of chemicals in the mixture can control qualities of the line like limpness, strength, toughness, color and other desirable casting factors. Lines can be tailor made to fit a wide range of needs which is why there are so many available on the market.

Monfilament Basics

When it comes to a mono-filament line on spinning reels, a limp, flexible line is best suited for casting and manageability. These soft lines are usually not super abrasion resistant and have more stretch but they cast farther and tangle less than stiffer lines. You will use this type of mono for most standard fishing applications and whenever finesse tactics are involved. Since casting reels work completely different than a spinning reel stiffer lines work better because they are more abrasion resistant and have less stretch. Today, mono-filament is still popular until you get over 15# test, where Anglers will switch to a braided line for a smaller diameter. Mono-filament, overall, is cheaper and works in a wide range of fishing needs. It is very popular and will probably be your best choice for general fishing activities.

Fishingurus.com sells a wide variety of mono-filament fishing line, under several brands, in store and online. If you have questions regarding the mono-filament fishing line, you can either stop by in store and ask for guidance from our experts or access the forum online and participate in discussions with experienced anglers to learn from their real fishing stories.

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