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Fluorocarbon fishing line made its debut in the fly-fishing market and in recent years anglers of all types have discovered the benefits of using this line. Bass, salmon, panfish, walleye, musky and even saltwater anglers are all taking advantage of the features fluorocarbon offers.

Advantage Fluorocarbon

Since its refractive index is the virtually the same as water,  light passes through it at the same rate as it passes through the water around it, resulting in an almost invisible line. With the lines ability to disappear in the water, Fluorocarbon line is very well suited for use in clear water situations. Fish that are normally line shy are no longer scared off and are more prone to take your bait resulting in more strikes and sometimes larger fish. The decrease in stretch will also help you feel the bite better. Fluorocarbon line is also stiffer and more abrasion resistant than other fishing lines, giving you confidence while fishing in heavy cover. Because of it's density and stiffness, this line works very well as a leader in 80-200lb test!

Fluorocarbon Properties

Fluorocarbon is made by combining a carbon base with other materials to form a line that has the same refraction rate as water, so it is almost invisible underwater. Fluorocarbon is a dense material that sinks in water, allowing the bait to get deeper faster than with other fishing lines. This makes it a perfect choice when you are fishing with diving crankbaits or dragging a bait along the bottom.

FishinGurus.com sells several brands of fluorocarbon fishing line online and in our store at competitive prices. If you have questions or need guidance in choosing a fluorocarbon fishing line, don’t hesitate to contact one or our shop experts.

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