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Braided & Fused

Braided & Fused

Braided fishing lines become more and more popular with each passing season. It casts farther, lasts longer and off course is much stronger! Of course, braided lines are not perfect and have a few drawbacks in certain situations.

Braid Positives

Braids are great when fishing in heavy vegetation like lily pads, hydrilla and cat tails amongst others. The thinner, stronger braid will cut through the stems of most of these plants, keeping the fish from tangling you up where other mono-filament lines just don't  "cut " it!. The lack of stretch found in most braids is very useful, for a couple reasons. First, you can set the hook better with more line out because it does not stretch. Any movement made by your rod, instantly affects your lure movement. When using a mono-filament line, we have up to  30% stretch we have to contend with so we set the hook hard and run our drags pretty tight. With braid, we use a looser drag to account for a little stretch and or use a mono-filament or fluorocarbon leader. Adding a leader also helps to lower the braids visibility in the water when your searching for "line shy" fish. Next, when fishing crankbaits, the lack of stretch plus the small diameter helps to get the plug down to it's true diving depth. The thinner braid cuts through the water with less resistance, allowing the crankbait to dive deeper! When it comes to braided lines, people either love it or hate it and the only way to know which side your on is to try it.

FishinGurus.com sells several types of fishing line from well-known brands. From braided to fused, to a large line of fluorocarbon and several types of mono-filament fishing line, you can find any kind of fishing line in our store and online. If you need help choosing the right line for your needs, give a Guru a call or send an email, we will be glad to help.

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