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Books, Maps & DVD's

Books, Maps & DVD's

Fishing books, lake maps and DVD’s are the perfect way to learn tips and tricks for all types of fishing. No matter the experience level, our handpicked books and maps are great resources will guide you towards a productive day on the water. In addition, our calendars are a fun way to keep you hobby in the forefront of your daily routine. Learn from the pros to make your time on the water more successful.

Showing you where to do

Our books and lake maps will direct you to the best fishing spots around the country. Regardless of what type of fishing you are aiming to do, our expertly-designed books are essential to showing you the spots only the locals know.  Our resources also highlight some of the best lakes and rivers in the country to make your days on the water enjoyable and rewarding.

Details make the difference

In our fishing books and fishing DVD’s you will find tips, advice and guidance on the essentials bait, gear, clothing, and accessories needed for every situation you might encounter. We can cover them all, from fly fishing to ice fishing.

FishinGurus.com is specialized in selling fishing tools and accessories, but what makes us different is that we offer personal guidance for each and every customer, taking into account their needs, likes and dislikes. We get to know them better and help them to improve their fishing techniques.

We open the door to information

Our books, DVD’s, maps, and calendars are great resources aimed at making you a professional angler. Our fishing calendars even show periods of peak fishing activity, while our books and DVD’s will give you tips to better fishing techniques. And if that is not enough, our in store guidance and online forum are here to help you as well

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