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Lake maps provide the Angler with all the important necessary information to help you catch more fish. They show you contours, depths, weedbeds, fish cribs and usually give you G.P.S coordinates and hot spots. All this info can make your day on the water much more productive.

Map your way to the fish

Every species of fish has patterns that they follow depending on their mood and time of year. If your looking for deep weedlines for summer Pike, it could take forever to drive around the lake searching for deep weeds. A lake map will show you quickly and easily where those weedbeds are. Saving time on the water searching for areas you want to fish means more casts you get at landing the big one!

Detail oriented

The books that we sell can give you a lot of insights from the fishermen’s point of view and from their experience, but the lake maps give you exact locations, lake contours, depths and structure of a particular lake. The first part to catching fish is location! If your not where the fish are, your not catching anything!

FishinGurus.com has lake maps here on the website and in store. If you have questions about a particular lake or river, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help you with all the information you need so you can take full advantage of your fishing day.

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