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Over the years, fishing equipment has come a long way. Fishing rods, reels, lures and lines are constantly being reengineered and designed to get the most advanced products on the market.  It should be to little surprise that fishing electronics is no exception to this. What started out as hard to read little box type "flashers" has now grown to units featuring HD screens, advanced GPS tracking, side imaging, down imaging and much more. There is unit to match every fisherman's needs and level of experience, and at Fishingurus.com we have the knowledge, and selection to get you the product that fits your needs best!

Not Just Open Water

Fishingurus.com offers a wide selection of fishing electronics for open water fishing; however, we also have an extensive line of ice fishing electronics as well. We carry a range of flashers and cameras like Vexilar, Marcum, and Aqua-View. Using these flashers and cameras can not only help you find fish faster, but also gives you a better idea of what kind of bait and approach should be used to pursue your targets. Whether you're shopping online or in the store, you can be sure that our staff can not only get you the right unit, and will also set you up and train you on how to properly use these units for a successful day on the water.

Hottest Brands

At Fishingurus.com, you'll find the hottest products and brands when it comes to electronics. We carry products from top manufacturers like Lowrance, Hummingbird, Garmin and more. With Fishingurus.com you can be sure you'll find the right product to fit your needs, at the best price. You can also check Fishingurus.com for product reviews and videos from not only our staff, but also from past customers, making it even easier to find the perfect product.

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