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Underwater Cameras

Underwater Cameras

Underwater cameras have absolutely changed the way we ice fish. Never before have we been able to actually watch how a fish reacts to our lures. This has allowed us to learn many new tips and techniques and simply learn more about the fish in general.

The Best Search Tool

When trying to decide where your going to fish, sending down the camera to check the structure is key. Of course, the flasher is faster but not as accurate as actually counting how many weeds are left in the area. The flasher only looks straight down, where the camera can be turned 360 degrees and actually get a feel for the surroundings.

Adds Tons Of Fun While Learning!

Of course, the camera is a great teaching tool, but man is it fun watching the fish bite! Watching a fish in the distance slowly come in to view, swim up to your jig and eat it is amazing! It's great for the kids to keep them entertained while sitting on a block of ice, which gives dad more time to fish! You get to see how fish actually reacts to your lure, allowing you to hone your fish catching skills for any fish species!

FishinGurus.com has a range of underwater fishing cameras to help you see what’s going on under the water while ice fishing. All of our cameras are competitively priced and ready to hit the ice! If your not sure which unit to buy, you can always call or email us, we will be glad to help you.

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