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Portable Fish Finders

Portable Fish Finders

Before fish finders came around, fisherman had to use ropes with knots tied in them to figure out the depth. Today, our fish finders can literally draw you a picture of the bottom so anglers don't miss a thing! Now take them anywhere!

A Must Have For All Fisherman

Yes, portable fish finders can get very expensive with all the new technology that's available but not every fisherman needs all the bells and whistles. The basic portable fish finder of today is like the top of the line fish finder 15 years ago. The amount of information a fisherman receives is incredible and without it can make for long, hard days on the water. You can drive around the lake searching for bait fish, find a particular drop off or zero in on fish cribs. With the help from the portable fish finder anglers can establish a pattern faster than ever, giving us more time to fish!

Do Your Homework

When choosing your portable fish finder, first you need to think about what information is most important to you. Depending on the type of water you fish or your preferred species, there will be certain info you might not need and some you can't live with out. Will you need GPS? How about down\side imaging? Do you need to know where the balls of bait are? By answering these questions and more you will be sure to choose the right one.

FishinGurus.com has several types of portable fish finders available online that will make your fishing experience easier and more productive. If you have any questions you can check out our forum, call or email us we will be glad to help.

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