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Ice fishing as a sport, has grown tremendously in recent years, thanks to the high-tech electronics that allow us to discover new tactics and truly see whats going on underneath the ice.

Flashers Are Your Best Friend

When it comes time to gear up for a day of ice fishing, the first thing on the check list is, "check flasher". The last thing you want to do is fish "blind", when we have a device that shows us every little piece of information from just below the ice to the very bottom. Everything you see on the flasher is real time, so you can literally watch the fish react to your lures action. This allows you to change your presentation when fish are present but not biting.The more you use your flasher, the more you learn how to trigger fish to bite. It's really love at first sight!

Why Is One So Much More Expensive?

The basic flasher offers the average angler everything he needs to catch more fish then fishing "blind". The main difference is how the unit displays the information it gathers. As you begin the upgrade from model to model the main difference is power, interference and target separation. With more power and better target separation, in stead of seeing one big fish it now shows three separate smaller fish. Due to interference from the signal hitting the bottom and coming back up, we loose visual

FishinGurus.com sells several models of flashers from Vexilar as well as from other well-known brands. To find the perfect one for you, ask for guidance from our experts by email or phone.

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