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Anything you use for fishing that beeps or lights up, needs batteries. Some will be rechargeable, some disposable and of course all will be different sizes.

Batteries Ever Lasting

OK, you made it to your favorite fishing hole, boats in the water and the trolling motor is now hooked up and.........NOTHING. Damn battery.

Your going fishing early in the morning, the live bait is in the garage with the aerator running and the poles are in the truck. In the morning you open the garage and the first thing you notice is that you don't hear the aerator running. you walk up to your minnow bucket and........dead bait. Damn battery.

Always check your batteries every time before you head out for a day of fishing. There's nothing worse then when your electronics failing to operate when you actually need them. Rechargeable batteries have a life expectancy based on the number of charges. Make sure you run them all the way down before recharging them.

At FishinGurus.com, their electronics department carries all types of batteries that fit all the electronics used by fisherman today, all at competitive prices. So before you go hit the water, make sure you have enough batteries to get you through the trip.

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