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Cooking & Preparation

Cooking & Preparation

FishinGurus.com not only has a huge selection of fishing tackle, but, we also carry everything you need to clean and cook your catch after a productive day on the water! From pan fish to salmon, and everything in between, Fishingurus.com has what you to need to clean and prepare any type of fish.

Safety First

Cleaning fish is not always an enjoyable task, and accidents can happen. Frozen fish from ice, slimy pike or salmon, and  cold wet conditions can make cleaning fish not only a hassle, but also increase chances of an accidental slip of the knife. For this reason, Fishingurus.com has a large selection of fillet boards, fish handling gloves, fillet gloves, and knife sharpeners. All these products will make cleaning fish not only safer, but faster as well.

Scalars and More

There are many different techniques people use to prepare their catch. Some simply gut their fish and bake it whole.  Others like to fillet and skin their catch, while others like to scale their fish, especially with pan fish. Fishingurus.com has wide variety of scalars, electric fillet knives, cutting boards, and other accessories which will help you quickly clean and prepare your catch.

Everything you Need

After cleaning the fish, comes the fun part, the cooking and the eating! Fishingurus.com stocks all sorts of breading and seasonings, to perfectly compliment your delicious catch. We also carry along with cook books that can teach you a few new recipes. At Fishingurus.com, you can be sure you'll find everything you need for catching, cleaning, and cooking your catch, so after w along day on the water, you can quickly and safely prepare a well deserved meal.

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