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To the average angler, cleaning and preparing your days catch is not an easy task. Having all the right tools will help streamline the process and have you eating your meal in no time.

Safety First!

Cleaning and fileting the fish is an essential operation that needs to be done before cooking, but if you are not careful or using the proper tools, this operation can prove itself quite difficult and dangerous. To prevent the sliding and to better handle the fish while you clean it and prepare it , you can use the special fillet gloves that will give you the ability to handle any type of fish without the fear of cutting yourself. If your going on a trip to a remote area, this is a must have item!

After the days catch has been prepared and cooked, comes the fun part, eating it with the family! At FishinGurus.com, you can be sure you'll find everything you need to catch, clean, and cook your fish so after a along day on the water, you can quickly and safely prepare a well deserved meal.

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