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Fillet Board

Fillet Board

Cleaning and filleting fish is not as much fun as actually catching them but when you have the right tools, this is done is the shortest amount of time, with minimal effort and zero headaches. Go from the stringer to the table with ease

Fillet Board Means Safety

You know the fun is over when you get home and it's time to clean the day's catch. For some anglers, this process can be a bit daunting and others very streamlined. To make the whole process easy, the slimy, slippery fish needs to be stationary! This is where the fillet board comes in. It has a clip mounted at one end to clamp down on the tail of the fish to keep it from sliding all over the place. Less sliding means less chance of injury while slicing up your meal.

FishinGurus.com sells all the necessary equipment needed to clean your fish properly and efficiently either on line or in store. If you have any questions on any of the products on this site you can visit our on line forum or contact via email or phone and we will be glad to help you.

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