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Waders & Accessories

Waders & Accessories

Among the many attractions in the sport of fishing, nothing brings a smile to a fisherman’s face faster than the thought of wading a river. Fishermen must wear the correct equipment in order to safely and correctly wade a river. Here we will discuss the essential pieces of equipment and some considerations to make before you make your purchase.

Types Of Waders

A pair of wading pants called “waders” is the fundamental piece of equipment needed when wading. They are what protect fishermen from the wet and cold temperatures of rivers and lakes. Waders come in a range of materials, prices and qualities to suit any situation. On the entry level side are standard rubber waders, they are the durable option if your trekking through thick brush. The mid-range level is made from a more breathable material called neoprene. The waders made in this material tend to keep your body heat in and let the moisture out! This makes for a more comfortable day in the water. The most expensive waders are made from synthetic materials that make the overall weight of the waders lighter, while keeping all the good qualities of neoprene.

Safety Accessories

To ensure safety, fishermen must never enter the water above their waist. Using a wading staff, anglers can safely feel around them for deep holes or drop offs not noticeable from above. Any deeper and a fisherman runs the risk of slipping, being swept by the current, or water filling up their waders. Really, a pair of waders is just a water tight sack worn around the lower body, and when filled with water it will sink along with anybody attached to them.Having a wader belt strapped tightly around the waist will slow down the process giving the angler time to improve the situation. River fisherman must never forget that waders do not make them invincible.

FishinGurus.com has an entire collection of fishing waders, wading boots and their accessories all at competitive prices. Having all the necessary wading gear only ensures a longer more enjoyable day spent in the water, safely enough to do it again tomorrow. If you need any assistance in choosing the right item you can contact us via email or phone, we will be glad to help you.

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