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Catfish Fishing

Catfish Fishing

Fishing for catfish can be a lof fun and often gives the angler a chance at catching a huge fish. Though catfish are mostly bottom feeders and hold in deep water, they will occasionally move shallow to feed, especially at night. Cats are found in lakes and rivers all over the United States, although they are more prevalent in warm weather regions.

Experts In Catfish Fishing

Catfish fishing is popular for a variety of reasons. It’s fun, can be done all year round, and it’s one of the top night fishing activities one can do. Our selection of catfish products is tailored to your every needs, regardless if you are looking to reel in a giant or simply same pan fish with the family. All year long, Fishingurus.com can is here to help you with all the tackle and accessories needed for catfish.

Live Bait Lovers

Catfish will eat just about anything they can get in their mouths. Catfish can be caught on many different types of artificial lures, from spinners to plastic worm, but agree live bait is the preferred choice of professional anglers from all over the world. Minnows, liver, blood bait, earthworms and prepared "stink baits" are some of the most popular baits. Fishingurus.com has a wide range of cut bait, catfish dip bait, several dough baits, along with the dip worms, sponge hooks, liver hooks and many other specialty items needed to catch these fish. We know these baits will give you great results because we have tried them ourselves and the results speak for themselves. For small size channel cats it is best to use stink baits, along with earthworms or minnows. If you are aiming to catch huge flatheads, with a six inch or bigger bream, shad is best. Either way, always be sure to fish all the baits on or near the bottom in most cases in order to maximize success.

Accessories Are Important Too

Fishing for cats requires more than the right type of bait. We carry the best accessories out there including catfish hooks, reels, rigs and tackle. With the right gear you will definitely catch more fish, and FishinGurus.com is here to help you with all the accessories needed to dominate on the water. Just like with bait, the right tackle will depend on the size catfish you expecting to reel in. Smaller cats require lighter spinning or baitcasting rods, but you will need heavier rods and reels with good drag and heavy line to land really big catfish. When going after 50 pound plus cats light saltwater gear is appropriate. For most situations, a six or seven foot medium action spinning rod with a reel that has a good drag will cover many situations. We prefer to use reels with a free spool or "bait feeder" system. Spool the reel with ten-pound line and cats should easily be reeled in.

One Stop Shop Before Fishing 

FishinGurus.com is the place to shop for all those accessories, tools and baits you need for successful catfish fishing. If you need any kind of guidance, tips or help, our experts are here to answer all your questions and help you choose the right stuff. The fun fishing starts with us.

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