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There are several types of catfish rigs available to choose from and can be essential for your success. If your fishing rivers, your rigs tend to be different than when fishing ponds so making the choice on rigs makes a big difference.

Catfish Rigs: Simple Yet Efficient

Depending on the species of catfish you are looking to catch, there are different rigs you can use. Of course there is lots to learn here but we can simplify the styles to suit the beginner angler. The standard bottom rig consisting of a weight, swivel and hook is amongst the most popular rig since you can fish it anywhere you go. There are plenty of variations of this rig to suit the individual anglers needs, If you are not sure of exactly what type of catfish you will catch, we recommend you use the rigs that fit most of the species.

FishinGurus.com accommodates all types of fishermen, from beginners to experienced anglers. In our store and online you will find all the products you need for a particular type of fishing, in a wide variety. We know that each angler likes different brands and has his\her favorites so we try to bring as many types and brands as possible in one single place.

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