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Dough Bait

Dough Bait

Dough baits can be used in several types of fishing, as they attract various species of fish, from carp to trout and catfish, but it all depends on the ingredients that are used in making the dough bait.

Catfish Doughbait

Catfish doughbait is pretty much just like stink bait only in dough form. Nasty looking and smelling the dough ball will call the catfish in from a long distance. This requires a treble hook with the spring on it so that you can mold the dough ball around the hook. In the end, you should not be able to see any part of the hook, it will look like just a ball of dough on your line.

With a wide selection of dough and other types of bait, fishing becomes an easy and productive adventure, for anyone that visits our store or orders supplies online. While you save money and time, FishinGurus.com will be there to help you make the best of your time on the water.

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