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Dip Worms

Dip Worms

The ironic thing about catfish dip bait  is that no matter its aromatic intensity or how nasty it looks, these tubs of vile goo are probably among the least messy baits you can use. Done right, dipping your bait keeps your fingers clean enough to eat dinner.

Dip Your Worm Right

Most people just getting into catfishing see the stinkbait jar and immediately turn the other way. It is not the most appealing to us, but it's a delicacy for catfish. This style bait does not actually require the angler to touch it! Simply attach the line coming from the worm, attach it to a swivel then take a Dip stix and stuff the worm into the stinkbait jar. When you pull the worm out it will be coated with the nasty paste and your fingers are clean!

FishinGurus.com has a wide variety of dip worms for sale, from top quality brands, in different sizes, colors and scents. All available in store or online at competetive prices and a must have for all catfish fisherman.

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