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Dip Bait

Dip Bait

Catfish fish are well known for eating pretty much anything that gets near the bottom, but there is something about the stinkier the better!?

Stinkbait Rules

Catfish have olfactory (sense of smell) abilities that outdo a bloodhound and a bear combined and can apparently discriminate between oozing shad and Muenster cheeses. Whether flavorings like garlic, liver, or shrimp stimulate a catfish’s barbels best, compared especially to a serving of universally appealing cutbait, there’s no doubt that a good cheese-based dipbait induces bites in practically every environment. While some anglers out there use old secret recipes in creating their own catfish dip-baits, we recommend you use that time for fishing, and take advantage of the commercially manufactured dip-baits available. There are plenty to choose from, you will save your time while knowing for sure that the bait will work and don’t have to deal with the horrible smell for too long.

While all dip baits smell really bad, they do prove themselves to be effective for catfish fishing, if they have the right amount of materials in them. At FishinGurus.com we have a variety of catfish dip bait ready to use and proven to catch fish. Another factor you need to consider in choosing the right bait is the consistency. That’s why we recommend you to use commercial baits instead of making them yourself. They need to be soft enough to break up gradually, but solid enough that they don’t wash away too quickly.  To prepare the baits yourself will be a real challenge and you will need several attempts until you get it right. That’s why, the easiest and most productive way is to use dip baits that are already made.

FishinGurus.com has all the right dip baits available that will guarantee you a successful fishing experience, saving you time and money. If you have questions related to our catfish baits, please contact us in store, by email or on our online forum.

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