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Cut Bait

Cut Bait

Cut bait is a great way to catch big cats! Depending on the Anglers situation, you can catch your own bait, cut it up and use it for bait or buy it at your local tackle shop.( Check your local laws on this matter) There is nothing better than real, DEAD bait when it comes to catfish.

Why cut bait works

It's very natural to have dead fish floating at the surface due to whatever reasons, but not ALL dead fish float or stay floating. There will be many fish that die and sink to the bottom. If it's a river your fishing due to the current the dead fish can get pretty torn up drifting along the bottom. So to a catfish sitting in his hole it's natural to sense  a piece of food floating by. Plus, when you cut up your live bait you release more oils that the fish can sense and drives them to feed.

Whats Defined As Cut Bait

In most rivers in the U.S cut shad is the most popular thanks to their very oily, strong scent. When you start looking for bigger cats or flatheads then either cut or even live bluegills can be the ticket. Read into your local laws on this matter, it's different in each state. Typically anglers limit the cut bait to either envasive species, bluegill, panfish and shad.

If you don't have the time to catch your own cut bait, FishinGurus.com carries a selection of cut shad just for you. If you want to catch them yourself see our other sections for all the neccesary items you'll need.

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