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Catfish Hooks

Catfish Hooks

When it comes to catching catfish there are many different types of rigs. The style hook you'll want to use depends on the bait your using which is why there are so many styles of hooks.

Catfish Hook Breakdown

When it comes to catfish hooks, we can simplify them into a few categories based on the style of bait being used. First, dough bait hooks, most anglers think you just put a piece of dough on a treble hook and cast out. This is wrong. You want to use a treble hook with the spring on it so the dough has more material to mold around. Next, you want to use the right amount of dough to completely cover the hook so the fish can't feel any part of it. Secondly, we have cut bait \ livebait hooks, these are typically octopus styled, sometimes circle hook style and very strong. Lastly, we have dip worms which are pre-rigged and easy to use. Just dip them into the stinkiest tub of catfish bait ( Sonny's Catfish Bait ) and pull it out. The stink bait will cover up the plastic body and your ready to catch some fish. Of course, this is just a simple breakdown but a great starting point to base your knowledge on.

FishinGurus.com sells several types and sizes of catfish hooks that's needed. No matter what kind you like, you can buy them directly in store or order them online and save a trip to the store. Either way, we guarantee that having the right hook is critical when landing the big one!

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