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Carp Fishing

Carp Fishing

In many areas of North America carp are considered an invasive species that were accidently introduced to local lakes and rivers from Asia. Though quite popular worldwide, it is only recently that carp fishing has caught on and become more popular in the United States. With over 100 unique species, mostly native to Europe and Asia, the carp family is the largest in the world of fish. The best thing about carp fishing is it is virtually untapped and with the right gear you can catch some very large fish.

We Have Everything You Need

FishinGurus.com is the only stop you need to make if you are ready to dive into the world of carp fishing. Online or in store, you can find everything you need for successful carp fishing. From carp fishing alarms and bite indicators, to tips about carp care, FishinGurus.com is your one stop shop for everything carp.

Why Come To Us?

Carp fishing requires certain gear in order to make your time on the water worthwhile. We have a wide range of carp fishing baits and accessories, including boilies, corn bait, ground baits, and even easy to use soft baits!

FishinGurus.com Is Different

We carry all the necessary tools, baits, tackle, and accessories necessary for carp fishing. We have several types of carp fishing baiting tools, catapults, and spodes. In addition we also carry markers, carp boillie throwing sticks, rod pods and bank sticks, and a huge selection of terminal tackle, all for kinds of carp fishing. FishinGurus.com also sells a wide range of carp fishing flavor sprays and carp attractant.

Let Us Help You!

If you are interested in carp fishing, FishinGurus.com is the choice you need to make when buying the gear you need. We are here to help you, with online guidance and a forum with tips from our experienced clients and staff. With Fishingurus.com, carp fishing will be easy, fun and rewarding.

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