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Hook Bait

Hook Bait

With out an attractive hookbait, your rig is next to useless when it comes to carp. You want your bait to stand out and the scent has to make the carp want to pick it up.

Carp Fishing Is Catching On

There are many U.S. anglers that are beginning to enjoy fishing for carp in local ponds, lakes and rivers. Once a fisherman learns the techniques used to catch carp consistently there is only one thing on his mind.....CARP! Just like any other style of this sport, carp fishing can become very addictive, especially when the fish are very large and abundant.

Hookbaits Made Specially For Carp

Besides all the different styles of groundbait, FishinGurus.com has several types of hookbaits as well. All carp hookbaits are made to release scent that literally triggers carp to feed. There's many different styles of boilies, corn, doughbaits and live bait to suit just about any Angler.

If you fish with boilies, we have them, if you prefer pop-ups we have those as well. Maybe you prefer flavored corn? We have many types of hook baits available for sale in store and online at competitive prices. Not sure which one to buy? You can always check out our forum or contact a FishinGurus specialist via email or phone, we will be glad to help you.

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