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Pop up boilies are basically floating boilies. Depending on the lake or time of year, having your boilies hanging just above the ground can be devastatingly effective!

Pop Ups: Why and When

When it’s warm, carp move about much more and tend to be much higher up in the water. I want to give them as much chance as possible to see my hook bait when passing through the area. Carp can miss some offerings in this situation if your not up high enough. Also, slowly changing the height of a pop up bait gives me a chance to gauge how high the fish may be in the water. There is no real definitive answer to the question " when should I be fishing a pop up versus a boilie? " However, there are a few obvious situations we could mention to get you started such as, steer away from using pop ups on a gravel bottom and pop ups tend to be best when fishing for carp in the weeds. These are two general ideas that many carp anglers think about when rigging up.

FishinGurus.com has several types of pop-ups for sale in store and online from the industries top manufacturers. If a standard boilie has stopped producing for you pick up some pop ups and give them a try.

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