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Our carp fishing department has an extended variety of carp baits, including boilies, pop-ups, pellets, particles and pretty-much every possible type of carp bait you might need when you fell like battling these giants.

Introduce Boilies To Your Fish First

In Europe, boilies were introduced about 25 years ago and now are just as common as corn is here in the U.S.A. When using boilies in the U.S, you will want to spend some time pre-baiting and establishing the bait as a food source. In Europe, this process has already happened just like with corn here. Yes, this can get expensive but don't worry you can buy in bulk and the outcome will be well worth it! It makes sense to introduce at least a few boilies when fishing with them to give the fish confidence to take them. Once you've done this, it's recommended that  you use boilies that mimic the free offerings in order to trick the fish in to biting.

Big Boilies For Big Carp

When you know you have big carp in your lake, that's when you want to really focus on fishing boilies. Boilie fishing in Europe has pretty much revolutionized the world of carp fishing because they are easier to rig and are pretty selective to just carp. Since boilies are filled with high quality food materials and really help carp grow! So the bigger the carp, the more boilies he eats!

FishinGurus.com carries a range of carp boilies from different well known brands, that have been proven to catch carp . If you are a beginner and need more information reguarding boilies, please visit our forum online seek for in store guidance. Our staff will help you choose the right type of boilies and explain you how to use them.

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