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Ground / Pack Bait

Ground / Pack Bait

Fishing with pack \ groundbait is a well-known technique in Europe, extremely popular in the southern part of U.S. and slowly, it’s becoming a favorite practice for Anglers all over the U.S.

The Ground Game

The basic idea of using pack \ groundbait is to draw fish to the area your fishing, instead of chasing them all around the lake. To do this, we use a multitude of ingredients from natural food and proteins to sweet flavors like strawberry and mix them with creamed corn. We are looking for a nice sticky, paste like consistency that will form around our feeders. All the ingredients (separately) are considered pack bait but once combined they become groundbait (method mix). There are hundreds of secret recipes of groundbaits that use different ingredients like rice, bread, millet, fish chow, grits, and oats, but they all have a few certain pack baits in common. Years ago groundbait consisted of simply breadcrumbs now the fish have never had it so good, with all the ingredients used in today's groundbait to add different scents and flavors to the water.

FishinGurus.com carries a wide selection of pack \ groundbait from known manufacturers all at competitive prices in store and on line. As Always we are here to help you with any questions either by phone, email or check out our forum.

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