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Flavor Spray

Flavor Spray

Using flavor spray to enrich your baits will help you catch more fish. This allows you to keep the same hookbait for longer periodes of time.

Flavor Sprays Are A Must

Flavor sprays are the easiest to use, they are not messy and can add immediate attraction to the bait your using. The flavor begins to disperse as soon as the bait hits the water and in-tme looses it's potency. This is when you will bring in your bait and give it a quick spray. Remember, flavor sprays are highly concentrated so no need to over do it! Using several pumps of flavor spray on any type of bait, could produce the opposite reaction your looking for.

To shop the wide variety of flavor sprays, you can either access FishinGurus.com or stop by our store. You can find all the flavor sprays in our carp fishing department. If you need guidance and tips in using the flavor sprays, please contact one of our experts in store, visit our online forum or send an email. All flavor sprays are available at competitve prices and backed by our top notch service.

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