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Dip & Glug

Dip & Glug

Dip and glug is a vital part of prolonging the effectivness of your boilies.

Dip and Glug

Dips are made using the same liquid additives that are used in the boilies, and are designed to further enhance the flavor of the bait. When dipped, it leaves a nice new coating of scent. Use this to recharge somewhat old boilies or add a little extra boost to hook bait that's been in the water for a while. In the situation when takes are slow, flavor-boosted baits can provide that little extra something needed to stimulate the feeding senses of the carp and encourage a bite.

Fishingurus.com has several types and flavors of dip and glug, matching all flavors or your pellets and boilies, from well-known appreciated brands at competitive prices. Using top-quality baits and enrichment flavors will definitely increase your fishing results and will make the difference between having a good day and a great day of fishing.

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