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Unhooking Mats

Unhooking Mats

When your a catch and release fisherman, there are certain things we do to take great care of the fish for a proper release.

First And Foremost

Taking a fish out of the water and handling it, in it self can be very destructive to the fish. The first thing that happens is we begin to remove a protective layer (the slime). The slick layer of slime allows a fish to move faster through the water. It fills up the tiny spaces between the scales to make the fish more streamlined. The slimy surface helps to suffocate pathogens or parasites trying to enter through the fish's scales. The mucous also protects any open wounds from further damage and lets the fish slip through barriers easily.

Added Protection

To help minimize the effect of handling fish, we use unhooking mats and handle the fish in the least amount possible. Most unhooking mats are made with a compact waterproof material and has tons of padding for the fish as well as your knees! There are many different styles of unhooking mats to choose, all of which have different specifications to suit any Angler.

FishinGurus.com has everything you need when it comes to catching and releasing Carp or any other fish. If your not sure about what it is you need, then contact a FishinGurus specialist over the phone or email we will be glad to help you.

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