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Bank Sticks

Bank Sticks

The days of searching for the right branch to rest your rod on are over.

Upgraded Rod Holders

When using a standard rod holder or stick the rod rests at an angle or straight up. When a fish strikes it will immediately feel the bend of the rod and can result in a lost fish. With bank sticks the rods can be layed horizontal so the fish feel nothing from the rod allowing them to swim with the bait longer. This increases the anglers chance of getting a better hookset on the fish. If you get tired of having to buy bells every other time you go out all bank sticks accept sensors that electronically detect strikes. When switching to this system it is recommended to use bait feeder reels.

Many Styles To Choose From

With there being all types of shorelines, it's no surprise that there are many styles of bank sticks as well. Plenty of sizes and shapes to fit any shoreline situation from concrete to sand.

FishinGurus.com sells, online and in store several types of bank sticks, made out of different materials for all types of situations. If you have any questions related to a particular product, please feel free to contact us. We will do out best to help guide you with everything we can.

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