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Baiting Accessories

Baiting Accessories

When it comes to carp fishing, one of the most important parts to catching fish is not only your bait, but also how you present and rig up your bait. At FishinGurus.com we carry a full line a baiting and rigging accessories for just about any situation.

Tons Of Gear

Most people don't know how extensive carp fishing can get. The simple way is to just put a few pieces of corn on a hook, cast it out and let it sink to the bottom. When your eyes are opened to the true world of carp fishing your simply amazed at all the techniques used just to catch carp! Both in our shop and Online at Fishingurus.com you'll find evreything from bait stops and needles to hooks and hair rigs. Along with these necessities you'll find feeders, spods, markers, throwing sticks and even PVA bags and mesh!!

We're Here to Help

At Fishingurus.com, not only do we stock a full selection of Baiting Accessories, but we also feature videos and customer reviews on our products. We know, that to a beginner all this stuff can get confusing and the FishinGurus.com difference is that you can call us up at the shop and ask any question you want. We also have an online forum where you can learn more about carp fishing, like how to rig up your rigs and use some of the baiting accessories that we carry from other customers. So whether your a beginning carp angler, or an experienced one, Fishingurus.com is sure to have something to fit your needs!

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