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Carp Fishing Hooks

Carp Fishing Hooks

 When choosing the right hook, you must think first about the style bait you will be using. If you will be using only corn one style hook will work just fine. If you want to use boilies a different hook will work best. When using the right hook with the right bait you will notice an increase in number of fish actually landed!

Size does matter

The importance of the type of hook you use comes in first, but the size is the second thing you have to consider when buying carp fishing hooks. Fishing hooks vary greatly in sizes ranging from a large 6/0 to a tenny tiny 13. When you are choosing a hook remember that the smaller the number, the larger the hook. This means that a size 6/0 hook is the largest you can purchase while the 13 would be the smallest. The best hook sizes for carp fishing are between four and six. Carp are a smart fish and if they feel the steel of the hook they will spit it as fast as we blink! Typically the smaller the better for more hook ups!

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