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Spod & Markers

Spod & Markers

Using a spod is the most efficient method of delivering food particles at very large distances. Aerodynamic spods can fly up to 100 yards, giving anglers the possibility of having a bait bed in a hole you found with the marker.

Markers Are A Key Tool

Markers are a very handy tool to have as a shore fisherman. Carp are know to hang around areas where there's food, oxygen, warmth, cover and variations of depth. At certain times of year or even day, carp move in and out of the shallows to suit their needs. Using markers from shore allows us to read the bottom type, be it sand , gravel or weeds and check the depth at any spot you choose. Most of the time, the serious angler has a "marker" rod that is used exclusively for this purpose, allowing him to explore other areas while fishing.

"Spod" On

Spods are used when your looking to bait a specific area far from shore, especially when your tight to cover. Sure catapults do the same thing but they are not as precise. There are many different types, shapes and weights of spods so pick the one that will get the correct distance with the least effort and carry enough bait. Again, just like the markers, the serious angler will have a "spod" rod as well.

Team "Baiting"

In finding the right spot on a lake, your using your marker rod to locate the perfect area. Once it's confirmed you will leave the marker rod out as a target to hit with your spod rod. If you like to add more food in the general area for extra attraction use the catapult. Now that the area is baited all you need to do is  cast your rig at the marker as well. Pay close attention to where your line is at so that you don't tangle them up. Once your rig is set you can then remove your marker and wait for a strike!

FishinGurus.com carries a selection of spods and markers to suit just about any angler at competitive prices. Have more questions, feel free to contact us on line or in store and ask away!

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