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PVA Bags & Mesh

PVA Bags & Mesh

Our Baiting accessories department offers a variety of PVA Bags, Mesh and all the accessories needed for all your dry food needs.

Why Use PVA Bags and Mesh

Dry food such as pellets or method mix (dry) will not stay on any conventional type feeder. Usually, we use the catapult in this case but you have to be very precise in baiting the area your hook bait is in. By putting the dry bait and your rig into a PVA bag or mesh you are guaranteed to have the proper placement of both your ground bait and hook bait. Since the melt time for PVA and mesh is a little longer than just method mix on a feeder it works very well in current situations. It allows a slower release of scent that leaves a nice scent trail the fish will follow up current to the source.

FishinGurus.com Is Here To Help

FishinGurus.com has several types of carp fishing PVA bags and mesh for sale that come in different sizes and forms for different situations. From distance PVA bags, to mesh tubes FishinGurus.com has what you need. Need help deciding which is right for you feel free to contact us in store or on line.

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