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When it comes to carp leads FishinGurus.com carries many styles and sizes for different situations faced by the angler.

Different styles of Leads

Carp leads are a basic necessity for any carp rig which is why there are so many styles available. To the untrained eye, they look as if they are just a piece of lead but when you look closely you start to notice the differences. Some leads have swivels while others are in-line, some are built for long distance casting and some are built to work as the feeder as well. When fishing in rivers, carp anglers tend to use feeder leads instead of the standard spring feeders so that the feeder doesn't roll to the closest snag. Some times you might fish a lake where the carp seem to hang out far from the bank, this is when you will use the leads designed for long casting distance.

Environmentaly Friendly

Most true carp fishing leads have a thin top quality plastic layer that adds a natural look as well as makes them nearly impossible to oxidize. The addition of lead weights into our lakes, rivers and ponds have proven to be toxic to plants, fish, animals, birds and humans.

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