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Hair Rigs And Components

Hair Rigs And Components

Carp can be very easy to catch, at first. Once they start to receive some level of fishing pressure they can become very finicky.  This is when your introduced into the world of carp fishing and find out it takes special rigs to catch them.

The Right Rig, The Right Place

There are many different Versions of a hair rig and all of them are designed to work better with a certain type bait. Maybe your fishing in some heavy cover in a river, sometimes your fishing a nice calm pond. Each situation you are faced with will tell you if your using one boilie or two, an extra strong hair rig or a bolt rig. Using the right rig in the right place will always up your chances on landing that big carp!

Tons Of Components

When making the perfect hair rig you need to make sure you have all the right hair rig components. FishinGurus.com's carp fishing section has all the components needed for this process. However, the main parts and components you need when building a basic hair rig are swivels, 20-50lb braid, tubing and a hook. If your in current you might want a lead core rig to keep your line on the bottom. All these items and more are available in store or on line at a competitive price.

Here To Help You

These are the standard components of hair rigs that you will need. We know that for a beginner this can be a time-consuming experience, that’s why we are here to help you out with all the information and suggestions you might need when buying your carp fishing rig components.

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