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Simply put, use the method feeder system when you want to catch a lot of fish!

The Feeder Story

In the beginning the method feeder system was mainly designed for match fishing but in recent years it has become very popular amongst carp anglers. If used properly this system can catch lots of big carp! The idea is to add a strong scented, food based product to draw the fish to your hook bait. This can shorten your time spent waiting for a fish to strike. To learn more about the different types of method mix see our ground bait category.

Different Styles Of Feeders

When it comes to feeders there are many styles to choose from. If your fishing in current there are anti-roll, weighted feeders that will help stop your rig from rolling into a snag. These feeders are sold in different weights for extra distance on the cast or when the current is stronger. If your fishing in a pond there are simple wire feeders that will do the trick just fine. The best way to find what works best for you is rig up your rods with different rigs and see which performs better.

Great Selection

Being so easy to use and so productive, carp fishing feeders are a must have item in any fisherman’s tackle box. FishinGurus.com has several types from simple spring to more advanced bait-up feeders available in store and online, for carp and other species as well.

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