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 When looking to fill your area up with food, it's nice to have a catapult (sling shot) to shoot out all your bait. In time you can become very accurate which helps keep the carp close to your hook bait.

A catapult for each bait

There are several types and sizes of catapults, each made for a certain amount and type of bait. If you fail in choosing the one that is right for the type of bait you want to use, there will be no benefits from this technique. Your goal is to draw in carp and get them as close to your hook bait as possible. If you spread out the food too much the fish will be spread out as well.

The match catapults are designed for 20 yards and are perfect for little and often baiting. They are the best option for smaller food items such as maggots, hemp and a few grains of sweet corn. Larger pouches are better for pellets and particles, and a quality design will fire out baits in a tight group up to 30 yards, making it possible to deposit a large carpet of feed very quickly. Whether you wish to bait up with boilies, ground bait, pellets or particles you are sure to find a model to suit the type of bait you decide to use.

Help Is On The Way

If you have questions or need certain information and guidance in choosing the right catapults, or even in using them, please feel free to address one of our shop assistants or access the online forum to talk to experienced fishermen.

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