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We've all been there. Your sitting on the bank of a pond, lake, or river bottom fishing for what ever bites your line when your buddy calls you over for lunch. You leave your rods and go enjoy some of the nice sandwiches his wife made. While you are sitting there eating and talking, you happen to glance over to see your rod doubled over shaking violently. You drop your food, run to the rod, but by the time you grab it to set the hook, the fish is gone. This is where you sit on the bank heartbroken. This all could have been avoided with the use of a Bite Alarm, like the one's we stock at FishinGurus.com

Prevent Missed Fish

Bite alarms were originally made for carp fishing, but work great in any situation when you may be fishing on the bottom with any style bait. They work by attaching the bite alarm to the top of a rod pod or bank stick, then setting your rod on the alarm so that the line runs across the roller. When the fish hits, line is taken out, and the alarm lets out a high pitched beeping noise, alerting to you that a fish is on the line. When paired with a baitrunner reel, this set up can be deadly as fish can take line with out feeling any resistance from the rod or reel. Many of the models we carry at FishinGurus.com also have lights, so if it's dark out, you can see which of your rods has the bite! They also not only beep when line is being taken out, but also when the line goes slack because a fish has take the bait and swam towards you. Most of our alarms also feature adjustments for volume, pitch, and sensitivity, so you can fine tune your rigs precisely the way you want them.

Top Brands

At FishinGurus.com, we carry some the most popular bite alarm brands in the U.S.! Alarms from Fox, BFS and Wacker Tackle round out our ever growing selection. Be sure to set up your RSS feed to this page so you can be kept in the loop with all the changes and additions!

Professional Service

At FishinGurus.com, we pride ourselves on the service we provide to our customers. We are constantly working to find the newest products on the market, and regularly test and review products to give you the most up to date information. We also offer product reviews from other customers, as well as our online forum so your can get other fisherman's input and opinions. If you have any questions on any products either in store or online, feel free to contact us and let us help you!



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